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The War On Terra

by Verbal Terrorists

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Album Intro 01:56
Verse (Nobull) Soulful Soldier enter stage left, right on the beat Writing to me is like a soldier left right with his feet It’s military precision when I’m spitting writtens and killing it Flipping rhythms ripping riddles and deciphering speech In its belly living livid take the life of the beast I’m too slight for it to sight so it’s not frightened of me But that just proves it’s too short sighted and weak A hegemonic monolith comprised of lies and deceit We’re taking heads off we’re making moves here So turn your tube off we’re telling truths here Because the media’s a demon spreading fear and deceiving Leaving people reeling with only the screen to believe in But if only seeing is believing what is reading or reason Or independently conceived critique enlightened perceiving? You see then what we’re fed is disproportion and lies The media and the state caught up by corporate ties But caution they’re sly distorting your eyes and causing divides Islam the scapegoat that’s contorting your mind The democratic pretence makes control legitimate Manufacturing consent to keep your soul illiterate The internet’s a tool for us to use though so consider it When they try and take it from us because you know it’s imminent We need local solutions mixed with global collusion A network of social movements focussed and prudent Chorus Don’t believe what you read don’t believe what you see Don’t believe what you hear yo unless it’s VT They deceive you for real so perceive and be free Just believe in yourself to achieve what you seek Don’t believe in the lies don’t believe in the greed Don’t deceive your own eyes fight the powers that be Just conceive your own life it’s not easy but please Just believe in yourselves to achieve and be free Verse (Drop Dead Fred) All around me I see a sedated nation asleep Heavily medicated by the bait papers they read And fake lies that are biased up on state TV I’m getting tired of waiting to awaken the beast It’s VT rising up like we’re baking the yeast With bread for the revolutionaries waiting to feast And when we get out the oven we’ll take to the streets Armed with cameras to catch police breaking the peace Because now we have a mechanism To give the press and the state a definite taste of their own medicine Upload to Youtube and Indymedia Show the world how we let the Met get so menacing There’s always more reporters than black bloc They follow the few and portray us all as a mad flock All in a snapshot sensationalised The public get a shot of the truth – the chaser is lies Pigs in disguise wait for a rise And when it kicks off throws bricks so the riot squad is justified Some come alive in the clash some run and hide But the real cowards have shields, bats and visor covered eyes You know it’s lies when they tell you the figures The number of protestors is definitely bigger And the noise of the mainstream is like the sound of vultures Picking apart the half dead carcass of counter-culture Chorus
Dreamer 03:19
Nobull Don’t stick to the script I just spit tight flows I rip this to bits when I kick nice prose I’m pissed at the pigs so I blitz live-o ‘Cos I’m Lifting the lid on the sick five-o (fuck the po po) The mic mystro grip like a rifle Opening eyes to the lies that the wise told It’s not a sign of the times that we’re stifled Check the lines they devised in the Bible It’s Nobull the host with the mostest Cos I’m controlling the flows like Moses It’s psychosis society’s quite focussed To dough we’re devoted to own in high doses But where’s the onus the owners try’n own us False hopes shown by the blind voters The left wing’s a joke broke and quite hopeless With rifts and the shit just split like mitosis So you can quote this we need to focus Get off your sofas our death approaches But it’s not over we need to focus Take control unite the fight soldiers I raise my fist for Tunisia, Peace to Egypt, and to Libya The Middle East to Bolivia - it’s people power getting rid of ya I’m a conscious dreamer not a blind believer Fuck the media you shouldn’t buy the lies either No one’s illegal without the right visa Dreams should be deeper than ice and beamers In my dreams we’re all equal kind and like teachers And we perceive that mankind’s the right keepers For the planet pick up the right pieces Dream but don’t sleep or they might defeat us Drop Dead Fred In the city people keep sleep walking Don’t listen to distant voices but we keep sleep talking Promises were made before elections nobody kept ‘em Next step inception ‘cos your dreams need storming Wake up, wake up rise from your slumber Break the spell of the mind that you’re under Thoughts must flow like the Forth, Thames, Tyne or the Humber Before we can rise from the slumber Gotta know that you’re dreaming before you can wake No more time for ignoring it mate Mother Nature is bleeding And I’m not sure how much more she can take Faster than cars when I’m smashing the bars hot Treat VT as an alarm clock get up, get out of bed The markets will always crash join our flock Be a heard of enlightened people No shepherd under church steeples No wolves at the door, no bailiffs Let’s make the courts and be the plaintiffs I’m a dreamer but I’m being realistic Just believe what I see not a mystic Fuck the cryptic talk I’ma keep this neat People, wake up! It’s Verbal Terrorists Shangxi productions repping this The level headed rebels put the pedal to the metal shit The beat is venomous better it’s blessed with eloquence We rose to prevalence repping with heavy relevance (Said It’s the) Verbal Terrorists Shangxi you know it’s effortless Stepping up in ya premises with evident eloquence (With the) Seditious elements dreamers who wish to better this Shangxi and the Terrorists repping this to the death of us
Nobull Its ominous days we’re lost in this modernist maze Casino capitalists play for monopoly stakes Real life pain to them it’s a property game Whilst the bottom play the lottery or solemnly pray The media’s got the populace properly trained To turn our hate inwards in a labatomous state Divide by our sex, class and often our race But me I fight racism and misogyny mate It’s not for debate non-white women face greater burdens 2 dollars a day the kinda pay that they’re earning Sexploitation at a rate that’s disturbing When girls as young as six watch their weight its concerning We’re bringing home the bacon for these pigs that lie to me Cameron’s a little man we’re the BIG SOCIETY He’s just a front not the one who gives the demands The real puppet master is the invisible hand Chorus Mass Production, Mass Consumption Its critical mass in this mass dysfunction Mass confusion, Mass corruption Our class has suffer for this crap to function Mass Production, Mass Consumption The Mass media’s a weapon of mass destruction Need a mass movement against this mass corruption So Prose and VT got the masses bumping Efeks I feel the pressure of the world on these shoulders As a poor family mourns another street soldier The heat smoulders hell fire and brimstone Slowly dying from the bacon I bring home The chickens have been cloned sick with a syndrome Another white rapper’s get rich with a ring tone My phone is cancerous killing my sanity Images on the idiot box that never challenge me I never dumb down I ain’t for the salary I’m living for the music and the love from my family I’m doing this with diligence others will haphazardly Put together bars and hooks that lack clarity Tragedy brings pain witness a heretic I’m seeing new faces hearing the same rhetoric Prose and Verbal Terrorists connect for your benefit Rhyming for a reason we ain’t here for the hell of it (fuck ya deficit!) Chorus Nobull It’s a board-game CEOs play musical chairs And who really cares so long as they’re not losing your shares Watch for political snakes and corporate career ladders Fuck a war on terror don’t let the fear grab us From the telly that distorts and distracts the youth To the bombs that we drop on Gadaffi’s troops And when we hit civilians, the body bags we use Are mass produced for a profit and that’s the truth A major label’s marketing the latest rhymer Whilst my Ecko hoody label says “made in China” Racked with guilt but hey I gotta stay designer Fuck that pick a side time to make your mind up There’s blood sweat and tears sat in your sock draw They don’t want us linking sweatshop to shop floor They want us fighting over less jobs while stocks soar A rebel without much but this isn’t a lost cause Chorus (x2 )
No Ifs No Buts (free) 04:22
Chorus No ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts No more buying lies from these evil fucks No ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts No surrender no retreat not me, not us No ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts No rotten politician can speak for us No ifs, no buts, no fees, no cuts No surrender, no retreat, not me, not us Nobull Clegg claims we haven't read up he thinks that we're fools You patronising fuck you're the one whose ignorant dude You think 50 grand of debt wouldn't influence you? And it's not just the money it's the principle too Why should the next generation pay for your crisis While big business dodge tax and evade the law like this They talk of fairness everyone's feeling the squeeze A cabinet of millionaires who got free degrees They say the recession was made by irresponsible debt So what's the government done in response to this threat? Charge the students more leave the poor wanting instead Solving debt with more debt's an incompetent bet And that's not the only reason I despise the policy Cos it's not right to treat knowledge like commodity Anger in streets the press can't describe it properly Calling petty vandalism violence, honestly? Regarding police as the divine authority I saw them charge with horses but they deny atrocities It's no surprise and yet it rightly bothers me That we value human life less than private property It's 1984 spreading like a virus Having de ja vu cos we got striking minors From the schools not the pits a frightening likeness Students and workers unite and fight beside us! Chorus Drop Dead Fred Once more, rich bailed out by the poor Lopsided cuts bringing us through class war Queen's subjects with nuff debts are taxed more Than the rich fat cats who dodge through the back door Look at Tesco, registered in Britain alone But with Seven Sister companies out in Monaco The cost of the cuts to the DSS Could be covered by the unpaid debts of Vodafone That knob from Topshop knows what's what Got the whole lot boxed off It's got me mad distressed cos he cashed a cheque For over a billion quid and wasn't taxed a cent It's like they've got the game theory on lock So the strategy is spanners in imperial cogs Boycott big chains burn the big 3 and rise up It's high time we wise up Chorus Nobull I'm sick of living off crumbs of a table we have made From the bread that we have baked using wheat we have raised Now they're putting up funds and taking EMA We want to save jobs but don't forget that we are slaves See we put in the hard work they just pocket the funds So I'm in the streets shouting at the top of me lungs We're claiming them back from these opulent scum I'm plotting not stopping till we topple these cunts This one's for the mums, the students and the migrants as well It's rich two toffs telling us to tighten our belts Say goodbye to our jobs goodbye to our health Might as well tighten the noose on kids bright with no wealth Does smashing windows constitute actual violence? I'll tell you what the real fucking staggering crime is We pay a thousand pound a week for Cameron's stylist Is your tax misspent? Cos I'm adamant mine is No money for our schools but we can pay for our troops Disgracing our youth with lies displayed on the news It's blatant abuse they're manipulating the truth About police brutality won't engage with the proof My lyrics laced with fury but I'm staying astute Gracing the booth with the pain of kids facing the boot From the dirty pigs they're the real thugs on the streets Like NWA we say FUCK THE POLICE! Chorus
Give Thanks 03:50
Chorus When I’m feeling down and out broke and so lethargic It’s easy to mope and focus on the hardships I give thanks there’s hope amongst the darkness And just remember that home is where the heart its (X2) It’s a beautiful day got the sun on my face And even though I’m bogged down and stuck in the race The rays melt the grey the pain turns to nothing and fades Give thanks for my girl and my wonderful mates To my grandparents, dad, mum and my sister It’s hard when I’m away you know I miss ya Wish that I was cooking food with soul in the kitchen Dropping knowledge round the table cos I know that ya listenin Times are hard then they’ve never been easy But I know we change for the better believe me Politicians and rich folk are pathetic and greedy But I’ve still got hope and they’ll never defeat me I love to see the people rise with their force Feel the buzz on streets when we fight for cause Striving for more than crumbs and these libellous laws Live and it’s raw the thrill when my rhymes get applause Chorus I’m glad that I was raised in a Council flat Cos it gave me my perspective and I’m proud of that Both my folks were broke but they both were great Let me make my own choices and my own mistakes As for VT you know I’ll rep Freddy for life Cos he nurtured my skills and we’ve weathered incredible strife And to my other friends even though we’re miles apart I still feel close as ever when we vibe and spark I guess that isn’t really so surprising When we go back further than the whole horizon You know that I cherish the littlest moments Sitting over a pint reminiscing with old friends Memory lanes well trodden like the streets of my hometown Such a pretty city it’s a pity that it chucks and throws down I love the feeling when Blazey plays me the dope sounds Or we rock a show out and it makes me feel so proud Chorus
Chorus We keep waging this war on terra A war on Earth a war on terra firma Greed, pollution, famine we can’t go much further To kill each other for a nice little earner We keep waging this war on terror A war on earth a war on terra firma 200 hundred years and we’ve still not learned yet We’re killing our planet and its daylight murder Nobull Listen up it’s no convenient truth Cos we’ve fucked the planet and don’t believe in the proof See for me the Gaia theory’s just a feeble excuse For big business and us all to proceed to pollute The Stern Report offering an ominous warning We need to mitigate but we can’t stop it from warming The Copenhagen summit made flawed by the Hegemons Imagine all the people like the chorus of John Lennon’s song By next century of course they’ll be dead and gone Men are wrong so take heed of what I pen in songs Kids are starving another trillion spent on bombs What a sentiment where on earth do we get it from? It’s this capitalist system that distorts all our views The rich will always win and the poor will always lose But it’s more than that it’s the habits that we’re forced to have Consumerism makes us waste we can’t ignore the fact We’re told to take it all and never give a morsel back Social obligation gets scorned and warped by cash This whole fucking system teaches us to be selfish If you ask me this self-help just isn’t healthy Governments are at fault but it’s deeper than that We’re so apathetic and keep repeating this crap: Like “What can one person do? Perform miracles?” The planet’s inhabited by billions of individuals Chorus Stic.man Earth quakes, mudslides, hurricanes, tsunamis Should we blame mommy earth or should we blame it on the army? With the HAARP weapon I say the mind is the smart weapon It’s not a war between the cross and the star and crescent It’s the war within, struggle is a hidden blessing A drop of wisdom’s like water in the hottest desert From executives to farmer peasants We share the karma of the earth what we sew is reaped by our descendents For every bomb that Obama’s sending I’m offended The revolution is the future like a hybrid engine The daily stress causes hypertension But we rebel against the cycle and refuse to be the silent victims Drop Dead Fred We only have one planet and its health isn’t good Got multinationals waging War On Terra selling its blood And as the meek toil the oil peeks its not sustainable Talk about shooting yourself in the foot It’s like the irony of biofuel plantations Being one of the major causes of deforestation Got pricks carving up carbon sinks And selling of the produce as green fuel, It fucking stinks (It’s like) a week before disaster was nobody scared When half of BP’s stockholders sold their shares? And they can still break records in the midst of a crisis Cos they offload the problem - bring up the prices While I’m killing my chest with shoddy fags For whatever reason Fema invest in body bags Because even those that walk the right path Will feel the wrath when Terra Firma fights back Chorus Stic.man Yea, Verbal Terrorists – RBG Worldwide Dead Presidents solidarity is the movement Get power or get out the way! Salute!
Chorus Make your character be known Revolutionary soldiers and warriors Raise ya hand up for the sound Subwise soldiers and warriors (x2) Nobull Many mans wanna jam in a grimey cipher With the mic in my hand I’m precise as snipers If ya rhymes are the tightest I might surprise ya Think the time is right for us to shine the brightest Too many nine to fivers living life the blindest Knife fights, night life, pay the price of midas When I drop the heavy shit you lift lighters Adrenaline setting in the crowd is hyper I’m repping the north when I’m ripping it raw I’m checking the score and belittling frauds Endorsing more wars for your pitiful cause But fuck a poor law corporate liberal whore In syllables and syntax we stick to the facts Me and Fred back to back with the wickedest tracks Sick as syphilis, vociferous, ridiculous raps Envious emcees evergreen coniferous cats Oh! I’m slaughtering foes Flow! With the naughtiest prose So! I’m raw and it shows You don’t know Joe? That’s just how it goes Nobull the Soulful I’m rocking ya premises Ya got no hope of stopping the Terrorists That’s standard like nights in with bottles of Herefords Venomous elements get toppled with eloquence Seditious sentiments delivered with diligence The illest will is still in us deliverance imminent The tightest describe us with similar synonyms The Soldier Who blows flows killing the ignorance Blaauw!!! Leave it dead on its feet Battle fat cats and the feds on the street Step to the left wing then you’re stepping to me Warriors wage war whilst blessing the beat Chorus Drop Dead Fred Step to the front we’re blatantly blazing again Grip the mics and awaken the pens Beware of the snakes and the fakers they’re making attempts Don’t mistake them for friends For them it’s all about cash ‘mercialise shit and it gets worthless Wanna talk ‘bout the flash stuff you got? Trust me boy my styles more like a circus Like a travelling man wanna live life by the fat of the land Slice with a sickle smash with a hammer in hand My words come like a battering ram I’m the type of guy that won’t nine to five Surfing on sub-base high as a kite Mugs wanna try and be fly I say take two of these and have a go at trying to fly And take off from the roof first I see you losing your nerve ‘cos the truth hurts Me I flow with the prose while their crews getting merked ‘Cos they proved that they’re worse after two words Talking all hard with boring bars all bravado and no skill They’re all getting scarred ‘cos I’m raw with the jargon Talk from the heart and my flows ill Kids wanna chat about grime You know through and through that they couldn’t do time Gannin’ on like they’re living the grime life But they don’t know ‘bout the reasons why like There’s a massive divide Between the rich and poor and it gradually climbs Police got tasers and mace for your face And then wonder why there’s kids out carrying knives
Nobull We’re programmed to consume the day we leave the womb An endless appetite that grows with every moon We plunder raw resources as commercial mercenaries Poor mother-nature gets no maternal leave Whilst we continue killing forests, burning trees Just to fuel the flaming furnace of modernity We enforce our habits through cultural imperialism The Third world’s just the vulture of materialism Picking little scraps off a bare-bone carcass Embittered by the fact we don’t share those hardships In a strangle grip at the hands of the market Invisible like cash that Wall Street parts with The corporate sectors the most evil of giants Raping the planet while we’re weak and compliant Money causes envy, greed and the violence The money myth sold to us by media tyrants But it can’t paint pictures, and it can’t write books Money can’t buy beauty but it can change looks Money can’t buy friends and money can’t buy love For money to spend we give our whole lives up You can’t eat or breathe it when you’re striving for breath The Monetary system is just a cycle of debt Societal psychosis we chase right to our deaths This life is a mess but believe there’s fight in us yet Chorus Is it the root of all ego the root of evils? The method of genocide executing poor people Money, cash, moolah it goes by many names In this world run by paper it’s time to make some change It’s got no intrinsic value and no real worth But for the love of money we’ll even kill our own Earth Dough, dosh, dollars it goes by many names In this world run by paper it’s time to make some change Cyclonious Yea money’s got em wiling out tryina profile Lose yourself through the wealth tryina stack big piles You work like a slave and when it’s time to get paid You can’t cover the basic needs from day to day Getting squeezed slowly by the unholy Still boldly scorned by the system listen you can’t hold me I make money never will it make me Tryina make yourself bigger than what we really see See them draw out the heat for what ain’t real it’s a receipt TO pay the bearer on demand the sum that you keep Stay asleep see the tale aint unique Many crippled by the currency and admit defeat It’s a tool and it turns many into fools It’s a trip to see you flip watch you drool More money more problems and more debt More stress more pain see them all get set Chorus Nobull Like Damocles my overdrafts hanging over my head No hope of redress no options I’m slow to progress It’s not just me seems the whole worlds choking on debt But we’re blind to the truth our eyes not opening yet They say this monetary system harbours the inventive I say take a look at the market disincentives No cure for cancer and no cure for aids Cos pharmaceuticals can’t make sure it pays And its harder to profit off of summit that’s abundant That’s why renewables always suffer for the funding That’s why new technology soon becomes redundant The whole economy’s based on ludicrous assumptions Like trickledown theory and infinite growth But wealth gets concentrated and Earth is limited so Instead of money, profit and corporate greed We all should conceive a system of resources and needs
Chorus Let’s start a riot! We’re lighting fires! You wanna step to the Terrorists? Try it! Let’s stand united against these tyrants And make our words and our actions direct! Let’s start a riot! Inciting live shit Cos they’re denying the corporate violence Let’s stand united and not divided With words and actions that are direct! Rick Fury Ring the fire alarm it’s Rick I’m high and I spark it Setting fire to carpets bringing light to the darkness Let’s get this riot started and wreck the fucking place Rock a rag around me neck but never cover up me face The cockroach that was stepped upon So when the rest are gone I’ll be repping strong throwing petrol bombs At anyone that I think is fundamentally wrong I’m ready for revolution soon as I pencil a song And just because I write divn’t think I wouldn’t fight I’m up at night sharpening dart learning to chuck ‘em right So when it pure kicks off to fuck I’ll be ready with fire fuel sticks rocks and such This is it no turning back you cannit stop the buzz Try to lock us up we’ll flipping put cops in cuffs It’s all backwards Terrorists assemble a crowd While I climb up high get everyone’s attention and shout (howare then!) Chorus Drop Dead Fred You can’t ignore the blatant fact The poor man on his back is getting more frustrated at The government have cut public spending drastically Whilst helping out the rich by cutting corporation tax Meaning the rich’ll get rich And the youth get no leg up to get of the ditch Stitched up lips will be how their face looks Now they’re worried ‘bout getting nicked for what they say on Facebook Politicians claim they’re bereft of values Politicians claim they’re senseless vandals Politician’s claims set the example When the Politicians claimed in the expenses scandal I’m not trying to say looting is justified But it’s a symptom of a society with such divides The poor on the floor straight got their backs breaking The rich get the benefits of living in a tax haven Whilst Britain arms the world with insane weapons A youth gets stopped and searched every eight seconds What can we take from the lessons of 8/8/11? Talk of water-cannons and more state repression Coppers are rotten and the hacks are rancid Pull you out your wheelchair tap ya phone quick The situation for the youth is sadly drastic Inheriting hell is the plight of Thatcher’s grandkids Nobull Police just claimed another life I’m thinking fuck this I’m with the Duggen family itching for justice Every day they stop and search us fixing to bust us And if we talk back even kicked us and punched us We don’t respect authority can you blame us? When pigs are in bed with phone hacking newspapers Thieving politicians and the folly of bankers Fuck authority man it’s all morally bankrupt They don’t why should we take responsibility? Should we blame rap music or the constant imagery? That brands bombard us with on a daily basis But those cunts in parliament too afraid to face this Starkey showed society’s still innately racist So before you judge me let’s try trading places What’s a broken window when you’re from a broken home? They’ve robbed our futures all we stole was phones I’ve got no job, I’m hopeless with nothing to lose Lost and confused bottled up tell me what would you do? When the only power you got left is self destructive I feel for those who lost homes when all hell erupted Lock me up it was a matter of choice I’m not inciting riots this is just a narrative voice Get organised so next time people feel aggressive We can direct that anger against the real oppressors
How Long 03:26
(How long, how long, how long will it take? How long will it take to be free) Chorus Professor with the Midas touch beats to gold Reap sown seeds so must be the flow Grown through the process of actual habitatual Natural life trust me I know This bassline aint battery farmed If you box your existence you gradually harm it You don’t wanna see your creativity stunted By some jargonistic genre blogging chronic dumb shit Up on top of his lap With a facade more see-through than what I got from the tap This Cilla humour gets a “lorra lorra” laughs But I flow to take the land back twoking the map So face the day the flavour maker kids you not This is not time to waste on if it’s laser bass or glitch hop Cos serotonin is essential to the brain We need the sunshine like the consequence of rain Essentially the sentence stays the same Re-arrange the format come another day The words’ll make more sense if put another way I’ve got a funny feeling that the seasons have changed We’ll soon have monsoons not drizzles in June And winters so cold you’d rather live on the moon So in short get yourself out experience the freshness Give me a cheer if you get this... Chorus Break the safety barrier make it hasty Do the DIY take the piece of pie pastry Nature made greed and greed hated nature That’s why the simple danger was the final infiltrator Set the contract to do greed’s dirty work Soon people flew to the task like the early bird In the thirty-first century is likely we might be Drowned by Aquarius and rightly so The flow was code 42 the most thought he drew Plans would grow surely true But he forgot the damn anomalies Rocking man’s science and a lot of mad philosophies The madness probably took him in the end But the bend that he took himself had a sad honesty Techno-sapien wired up inside man Is why the ‘devil makes work for idle hands’ (How long, how long, how long will it take? How long will it take to be free) X4
Trapped 02:09
I’m feeling like the unlucky brother of Midas Cos I’ve everything I touch turns to nothing beside us Like my gas meters always running into the minus The fridge is empty and my Stomach bears likeness These corporate parasites are sucking us dry kid Living off the tears, sweat and blood of the migrants Parseltongued politicians straight running to spite us The venomous vagabond man I’m gunning for vipers Fuck it this life’s shit when you’re fresh out of prospects Got a first class degree my debts mounting what next? I’m the jobless generation no sense of direction No place in this society’s horrendous perception Squeezing every ounce of talent onto a track that’s blessed Like I’m trying to get the last out of my aquafresh Outside the weathers crap inside I’m sat depressed It blags my head should I just go back to bed I just gotta face the day, make haste and face facts Politicians are fake twats wearing face masks Trying to save face whilst the rich just evade tax Face to face with my wasted talented I lace tracks But were alienated stuck the matrix It’s a brand new day but we’re facing the same shit The same class running the same wage slave ship Same false economy making us waste, face it!
Chorus Let me see you bounce to this Viva La Terrorista! Raise ya left hand and clench your fist Baile los Verbal Terrorists (dance for the Verbal Terrorists!) (X2) Drop Dead Fred (Here man) You cannit handle us kid I make a divvy run like water from the tap to the sink When I’m commanding the ink I write flows that are heavy Most men are never ready for the raps that I bring Bring it hot like the fish in the batter That little bit tighter like the twist of a spanner Limitless grammar flowing like a piece when you’re hammered Make cats with fat diction slip up and stammer Relishing the flows like pesto I devise rhymes they privatise metros Fuck Tescos I’d never don a big chain And blinged up agro boy rappers a bit lame North of the Tyne raw rhymes down with gravity I keep on gradually weaving through the imaginary land My speech is manic reaching the peak and passing it And people cannit fathom the fact that I need the lavatory I am human. Do the same shit that you do But I smash raps in a way that’s akin to voodoo The dark arts the ju ju man witchdoctor Killing the spirit of foolish Fubu hip hoppers Type to bust up in the rave sniffing poppers The bad and the ugly with a fist full of coppers I’m not a pistol popper I’m a pacifist So let me see you get up and fucking dance to this Chorus Nobull We bring the terror when we rap it like the Jacobins A killer team of guerrillas malicious when we jack a mic Venues we pack ‘em tight like skinny jeans That rip at seems, silly teens never satisfied And waggy wives chasing money never had a life But me I’m just sipping tea with Mr. B, kicking beats Rinsing more green than a scene from a Hippy’s dream Spitting breeze but dropping sharp like guillotines Nobull‘s a cattle farmer cos I raise the stakes With heavy scripts we hold it down like a paper-weight Blatant fakes fade away they never made the grade Serve an ace of spades but my suite is tailor-made It’s safe to say breh’s cannit manage my talent Quite like bad agents so ya fan-base has just vanished We keep shit on lock like we crap through a keyhole VT we elevate you just rap for your egos Chorus Rick Fury 1 skin, 2 skin, 3 skin that’s enough I’ll hit it, you hit, she hit it pass it on Blasting off rocket packs strapped zip fastened on Catch us on a boombap beat *blaw* That’s the one crack a Grolsch snap crackle and pop as I tear the speaker Viva La Terrorista sweeter than an egg at Easter Here man I neck tequila and breathing in heavy cheeba Raw I give it to ya like coffee from Bo-li-via So listen here we’re rinsing Tyne & Wear I sink a pint of beer and mix with pioneers It’s Rick and I am here to make you feel amazing as fuck Bring people together we’re drinking and blazing it up Bass shaking ya heart because the beats are hype And I’m raising the bar - you can’t reach ya pint Me speech is hype strites you can’t tell us shit Straight next level shit I’m running with Terrorists! Chorus
The Solution 02:57
I haven’t got all the answers or even half the solutions But if we don’t try we’re part of the pollution Lethargically diluted disheartened with the movement We need to lay the foundations to start the revolution Since farming evolution and food chains have changed Technology adapting to make nature tamed But we’re far from that kids still starve disasters reign That’s why we try to be part of the solution First things first educate yourself Not with media they manipulate with wealth We should be the news, generate as well ‘Cos Knowledge the best tool to elevate ourselves And if you’re making wealth better check what you spend it on Locally produced goods are better for everyone With the exception of one- the market profiteers Domineering thoughts in the devilish hegemon “But capitalism is the only system that works” Well tell that to the kids who are stitching your shirts For a pittance their innocence inflicted with hurt For you to live it up the poor have gotta live in the dirt “But its human nature to be selfish and competitive” In the past it was normal to have sex with relatives Like a swine does a nice reminder That human nature is whatever we do to define us “So what d’you want another Stalin or Mao?” Nah they were top down and its startling how Power corrupts so fuck your partisan vows We need grass roots democracy starting from now Rather than bow to the monarchy we need a policy Of redistribution of wealth enforced properly We need a free press with a back bone One that hacks at the top with a big axe and doesn’t hack phones It’s a battle for hearts and minds thoughts and ambitions In the belly of the beast fighting a war of position Against telly and police and corporate decisions If were convincing they’ll soon face more opposition If the morons would listen and stop watching Sky News Try walking a mile in the opposite guys shoes They might find that it’s just a case of watching the clock Ticking down like a bomb with a timed fuse But there’s no hope I doubt that we’ll ever see A real revolution its insurmountable territory All nihilism does is empower the enemy Pick yourself up and get with the counter hegemony Sound of the remedy VT with the mix of verbal journalism Got no herbal tea in the mix It’s real hard lyrical liquor packed with truth Tell ‘em Joe how you’re gonna spread the facts and proof I’ll be in the streets putting in work for the movement Building lasting links between the workers and students Benefit claimants and mums all learning the blueprint Connect with the oppressed across the world for improvement I’ll be doing my best to convince the NF That the real enemy ain’t black brown or red It’s the faceless demon that we never will conquer Unless we spread the message that together we’re stronger
Drop Dead Fred Too many times hear lies ‘bout asylum I set it straight with rhymes on a beat Some people have clearly got the wrong idea Migrants they don’t bring crime to our streets Face it they’re more often victims mate Of racist workplaces and them who discriminate Living in a place riddled with hate Where refugees and immigrants take the blame for the sins of the state The blame is passed to immigrants When the fact is they pay more tax than they claim in benefits The BNP speak of repatriation spread lies turn their back on the evidence “Asylum seekers take our jobs” They’re stopped from working actually You want the truth you better learn the facts people “Knife crime rising because of asylum” Is a made up excuse so they can stop and search black people I think it’s blatant mate this ‘New Britain’ is a racist state They got companies like John Mass Making millions off letting them a derelict place to stay Racism is a tool used to divide and rule From the methods of the police to the ghettoised schools So for this Christmas on my wish list is Everybody getting together to (build bridges) Chorus Build Bridges, Not Borders ‘Cos there’s too many families getting deported Build Bridges, Not Borders They pay their way in tax we’re not getting extorted Build Bridges, Not Borders It’s not always the way that paper reports it Build Bridges, Not Borders Imagine it was you fleeing war-torn quarters Akala (Akala, Verbal Terrorists – bridges not borders – listen) I ain’t into this tokenistic nonsense of liberal words That only further the oppression of the people that it claims to serve Multiculturalism is just a couple syllables That really means we all worship one cause The history and culture of most of the planet Remains to be deliberately distorted or ignored We’re not all the same don’t be so stupid And why would we wanna be that’s where the beauty is In the differing views of reality Not the pathetic paternal pretence of charity That only serve to reinforce our image of power So we can continue to devour Everything but borders we build more of ‘em But bridges the only thing we walk on water over But building bridges is hard we gotta deal with the scars Even if we cause the harm Chorus Nobull The papers play meticulous games insidious ways Displaying racist traits with subliminal hate Their sinful criminal claims having immigrants blamed Cos they’ll go and slave for days for less than minimum wage “They took our jobs” we didn’t want them any way So blame your boss his greed at fault at any rate Ignorance disseminates and then it penetrates You say they take our housing yet you never state Priorities always given to the British citizens Imagine living in a village an innocent civilian Militant missions come with missiles they’re pillaging So you flee to Britain faced with similar images ‘Cos our government’s even imprisoning little uns With their parents it’s careless and belittling Kings of spin politicians they diven’t slip it in Saying ‘Every child matters’ -- the irony’s sickening You wanna argue this from a moral perspective? Your family tree would say that your quarrel’s selective Cos we’re all from Africa so honour, respect it Look at British culture we’ve borrowed the best bits Want to take the economic route? You need to get off it Immigrants contribute £2 billion in net profit They just want a scapegoat to distract from problems Like a microcosm of the Nazi pogroms


Verbal Terrorists' highly anticipated second album, featuring Stic.man (Dead Prez), Akala, Prose, Cyclonious and Rick Fury (Dialect).

"The album, musically and politically, is exceptional; one of the most compelling underground hip-hop records of the year" - Newcastle Free Press

“In the age of the ephemeral impact, Verbal Terrorists will leave a lasting impression on their audiences...their latest album is an inspired piece of art” - Ceasefire Magazine

“Newcastle’s finest deliver profundity, immensely skilful wordplay and condensed wit. Superb.” - Freedom Fortnightly Magazine

"This is one of those albums that all the people who spend hours bemoaning X Factor style shows, the lack of UK talent, the dearth of new music should buy and listen to." - Simon Jones (Rumbles and Grumbles Music Blog)

“Stirs the soul and brings out the righteous. Really fucking inspiring” - Oli Arditi (Music Blogger)

"Verbal Terrorists combine poetic skill with often killer delivery, and political insight with intriguing, bouncy beats" - Infantile Disorder (Political blogger)

Verbal Terrorists would like to thank Ideastap for their generous funding from their Ideasfund Innovators award.


released November 22, 2011

Lyrics: Nobull; Drop Dead Fred; Efeks; Stic.man; Cyclonious; Rick Fury; Akala
Production: Mr. Blazey; Bertie Buster; Joonipah; Truescribe; Steady Rock; Shangxi Productions; Professor Ojo


all rights reserved



Verbal Terrorists UK

Verbal Terrorists are a politically motivated hip hop group from Newcastle, UK. We are independent activists who seek to challenge the hegemonic culture and ideology through music and direct action!

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